New Leaders

New York leaders–from church planters to congregants–need contextualized training from seasoned urban practitioners.

Planting hundreds of new churches citywide will require a long-term process to identify and train effective vocational ministers to lead them. The exceptional cost of living, density, diversity, energy, and competitive character of life in New York make it a uniquely challenging context for leaders. We want to develop leaders that are recruited and trained from New York, in New York, and for New York, so that pastors and lay people alike are equipped to foster meaningful dialogue with seekers and skeptics in this city context.

Our goals:

Grow a leadership pipeline that trains pastors from start to finish in New York City—and nurtures capacity for long-term commitment in New York

Launch “City Ministry Year”, a capstone year in the new seminary launched in 2015 with Reformed Theological Seminary

Launch a new lay leadership approach for New Yorkers that connects the gospel to different spheres of daily life

Tim Keller to pivot into Redeemer City to City as a trainer, coach and mentor on evangelism and preaching to the next generation of pastors and church leaders for New York

Coach leaders to be sensitive to the nuances of New York culture, but innovative to build community around often counter-cultural values like mercy, friendship, and hope

Train pastors to cultivate a gospel-centric church that is neither hostile toward culture nor too liberal to talk about Jesus

Tim Keller and experts at Redeemer Churches & Ministries and Redeemer City to City will work together to train, mentor, disciple, and send out urban leaders. As part of The New York Project, Tim Keller has pivoted from his role as Senior Pastor at Redeemer to maximize his ability to teach and mentor.


 $20 million 

Vocational Ministry Pipeline

Planting new churches citywide will require a long-term process and partnership between

Redeemer City to City, Redeemer Churches & Ministries, and Tim Keller to identify and train the pastors and staff who will lead them.

Prepare People
for Vocational Ministry

 Apprenticeship Program:

young leaders exploring their calling

to vocational ministry

 Seminary Scholarships:

two-year M.A. in Biblical Studies in partnership

with Reformed Theological Seminary

Train People in Vocational Ministry

City Ministry Year:

one-year post-seminary intensive in urban ministry

Internship Program:

practical ministry internships in existing churches

Residency Program:

two-year program to prepare pastors for Redeemer sites

Church Planting Fellows:

one year of church planting residencies prior to starting a church

Urban Incubator:

two-year training program for leaders while they’re starting a church

City Lab + Church Leader Workshops:

ongoing training and community building among urban ministers