New Churches

Planting new churches is the best way to reach a city with the gospel.

In order to grow the body of Christ in New York City from 5% to 15%, church planting is essential. We cannot reach a tipping point merely through the transfer of Christians from other churches—we must plant new churches that welcome and serve those who do not currently profess faith.


New churches are shown to be the most effective method of reaching those not already part of a church, attracting three to six times more non-Christians than older churches. New churches are also the most effective way to spark renewal for existing churches. That renewal can catalyze blessing in every neighborhood as churches increase mercy and justice through meeting the needs of their neighbors across the city.

We envision a network of churches that exist not for their own sake but for the good of the city:




Skeptics welcome


Service mindset

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Thoughtful faith


Orthodox theology


Long-term presence

Our goals:

Through City to City and partner churches in New York City, plant 250+ churches across the 5 boroughs

Aid the three Redeemer churches—East Side, West Side, and Downtown—in their work to continue being generative church planting engines


$15 million 

Church planting is generative.


Welcome rooted, secular New Yorkers:

60-80% of people at new churches were

not previously at a church


Reach non-Christians:

new churches attract 3-6 times more non-

Christians than older churches of the same size


Reach new generations:

young adults are disproportionately

drawn to newer congregations,

as older churches tend to reflect

sensibilities of long-time, older leaders


Serve new people groups:

new churches more quickly orient toward new

socio-cultural minorities that move to an area—

or they can serve them new families

from the start by offering multi-ethnic community


Multiply philanthropy:

new churches catalyze financial buy-in

and a spirit of generosity that spills

over into giving toward other church plants and institutions


Renew the larger body of Christ:

new churches are more entrepreneurial and,

as they innovate, they bring forth ideas and

leaders that influence older churches for good