History is Happening in New York.

Join us for our third annual Momentum Weekend from September 28-30, 2018. Momentum Weekend, hosted annually in New York City, is an invite-only weekend to continue building the community of gospel patrons accelerating the vision of the New York Project. It is an opportunity to join Tim and Kathy Keller to learn about the amazing things God is doing in New York, engage with the vision of gospel renewal, visit church plants, and get to know the next generation of pastors and leaders. We are grateful to the growing community of gospel patrons of the New York Project, and look forward to celebrating with you next year.

What is the New York Project?

The New York Project is a 10-year strategy to advance gospel renewal and social good in New York City. The vision is to see the entire city renewed by the gospel. Under the leadership of Tim Keller, Redeemer City to City and Redeemer Churches & Ministries are venturing together to triple the body of Christ and double the number of churches in center-city New York. We are currently raising funds for the first phase (2016 – 2019), which is $80M. Through the Rise campaign, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, has pledged $32.5M, and through commitments from our Momentum Weekend community, we have received pledges of $31M, bringing total pledges to $63.5M.

What is Momentum Weekend?

Momentum Weekend is our annual donor investor weekend hosted in New York City. It is an opportunity to join Tim and Kathy Keller to learn about the amazing things God is doing in New York, engage with the vision, interact with local leaders, and meet fellow supporters of the New York Project. It is a weekend to benefit the New York Project; our hope is to build a community of gospel patrons who will not only make a significant contribution towards our remaining financial goal, but will join with us in this work in lasting friendship and deep partnership. 

Who is invited?

Momentum Weekend is an invite-only weekend for New York Project supporters from all over the country. Our first annual gathering took place in September 2016, hosting a small group of individuals and couples who had either already financially committed or had expressed interest in supporting us. We are eager to continue growing the community that has formed in support of the New York Project. 

What about travel and lodging?

We are glad to host you in New York for our festivities. We ask attending guests simply to arrange and pay for their travel and lodging. 

For further questions, email Mai Hariu-Powell at