The New York Project is a joint effort of Redeemer Churches & Ministries and Redeemer City to City—two organizations founded by Tim Keller and both recognized worldwide for their success in building gospel-centered communities that seek to serve cities and care for the poor.


Under the leadership of Tim Keller, the New York Project is leveraging the unique strengths of senior leaders from both Redeemer and Redeemer City to City to lead the gospel movement forward for the good of New York.

| Tim Keller

Chairman & Co-Founder, Redeemer City to City

| Steve Shackelford

Chief Executive Officer, Redeemer City to City

| James Herring

Elder, Redeemer & Board Member, Redeemer City to City

| Mai Hariu-Powell

Executive Director, The New York Project 

| Mark Reynolds

Vice President, Leadership Development, Redeemer City to City

| Robert Guerrero

Vice President, New York City, Redeemer City to City

| Ruben Soto

Vice President, Operations and Programs, Redeemer City to City

| Brian Stanton

Chief Financial Officer, Redeemer

| David Bisgrove

Senior Pastor, Redeemer West Side

| Abe Cho

Senior Pastor, Redeemer East Side

| John Lin

Senior Pastor, Redeemer Downtown

| Michael Carrion

Vice President, Church Planting and Leadership Development, Redeemer City to City