Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tipping point?

Sociologists have noticed that when a certain minority population in a community increases to anywhere between 10-20%, then the culture of the entire community begins to change. Right now, the body of Christ is only 5% of the population of center-city New York (most of Manhattan combined with parts of Brooklyn). If a critical mass—around 15%—of New Yorkers are not only part of a gospel-centered church, but express gospel values—mercy, friendship, justice, hope—in the city, we believe it might reach a “tipping point” in cultural renewal where the gospel goes beyond changing individual lives, it helps the whole city flourish.

Why churches?

Church planting is the most strategic way to grow the body of Christ in a city. We cannot reach a tipping point merely through the transfer of Christians from other churches—we must welcome, serve and reach those who do not currently profess faith. New churches are proven to be the most effective way to reach those not already part of a church, as well as to spark renewal for existing churches and an overall increase in mercy and justice throughout the city.

Why leaders?

If we want to serve this city holistically, we need gospel-shaped leaders at every level of vocational ministry and the marketplace. Planting new churches citywide will require a long-term process to identify and train pastors to lead them. We also need lay leaders actively living out their faith in every sphere of their life to impact the culture and city that they serve and influence.

Why homes? Why church buildings?

One of the best ways a church can love and bless their neighbors and their neighborhood is by having physical roots and offering a “third space” to the community. Renting facilities is impermanent and often makes us invisible to those who live nearby. Churches often need to do more than descend into a neighborhood on Sundays to “use” a space for worship. Churches needs to be rooted in the fabric of a neighborhood to share space—and be part of advancing the common good for generations to come. Whether it’s by hosting to city council meetings, artist events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, memorial services or after-school programs, a church building is an excellent way to offer a need to the community and not just isolate ourselves to the Christian community.

How much will this cost?

The New York Project is a 10-year strategy divided up into 3 phases. We are currently fundraising for the first phase (2016 – 2019) which is estimated to cost $80 million. Through the Rise campaign at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, we were able to raise $32.5M. We are currently seeking to raise the rest from gospel patrons around the country who believe in the vision of reaching a tipping point of gospel renewal in New York.

The NYP has three components in phase 1: (1) new churches, (2) new leaders and (3) new homes. The cost of which is $15 million, $20 million, and $45 million respectively.

What is Tim Keller’s role?

Tim Keller is devoting the next decade of his life to this vision for New York. He will step down from his role as senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church to pivot into Redeemer City to City to play a strategic role in teaching and mentoring more leaders to do evangelism and church planting in New York and in the global work of CTC. This shift will leverage his credibility and experience planting and leading churches in the New York context to multiply a church planting movement in our city but in the 55+ global cities CTC is in.

What organizations are involved?

The New York Project is a joint strategy of Redeemer Churches & Ministries and Redeemer City to City, both founded by Tim Keller.  The gospel movement that has been on the rise in NY over the past 25 years has been due to God’s work through Redeemer, City to City, and many other churches of many denominations — and so it is only through close partnership with Redeemer and City to City that this vision for NY can be actualized.

How can I become a supporter?

Thank you for your desire to partner with us! Please email Mai Hariu-Powell at to inquire how you or your foundation can become a partner.

How is Redeemer’s Rise campaign related?

Rise was a campaign to raise financial support for the New York Project through the three congregations of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Through the sacrificial commitment to Rise, the Redeemer congregations pledged a historic $32.5M toward the first phase of the New York Project! We are all very grateful for the 2,600+ individuals who committed to Rise!

All money raise through Rise or elsewhere for the New York Project will be overseen by Redeemer and City to City – for financial oversight as well as the joint-implementation of the outcomes needed in phase 1 towards the tipping point.

How is City to City’s HUB weekend different from Momentum Weekend?

Redeemer City to City is a leadership development organization founded by Timothy Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. CTC works in 54 global cities to equip and train church leaders and church planters for the sake of building gospel movements in cities. HUB is a weekend for a community of CTC supporters to underwrite the operating budget and their work globally.